by Brandon Miller

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Recorded - Friday the 13th of April, 2012 at Kawari Sound Studios in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. With the amazing oversight, generosity, care, patience and talent of many wonderful folks. Huge thanks to Karl Reiders and Zach Goldstein, and to Adam Winokur and Nate Kowalski... and to Arielle for being such an inspiration and driving me to the studio and Alex for letting me use his car to go renew my driver's license... and to Anjuli for singing and thanks so everyone who was involved in this adventure...


released June 6, 2014

released 06 June 2012
Brandon Miller -vocals, guitars
Karl Reiders - keys of all kinds and studio life love
Zach Goldstein - engineer, mix, guitars, bells, everything
Adam Winokur - BASS, Diesel, Dog
Nate Kowalski - DRUMS, back-slaps
Anjuli - VOX



all rights reserved


Brandon Miller Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: THE ROPE
the hope
the rope
was it a comet blue noose
yall chewed yerselves thru
just to cut us loose
from the fantasy world of the mother fucking goose...
the dope
the soap
fall out of our papoose singing
who does who choose
is there a real life possible
to win or to really lose?
the soul
the hole
I guess life tastes so sweet
when yer honey never lies
but now it's just pouring hard
right from our eyes
into a pool of pictures
in my poisoned liver
as I pray for a lover
I pray for a forgiver
as the stage lights fall
flat out of the sky
do the stars keep making
all their movies in yer mind
flesh as stories
secrets to undress
but baby now there is no more
script to confess
no baby there is no more guilt
to regret
oh baby, it ain't over yet
for the hope
who will feed yer eyes now? and who will feed yer soul?
and when did the mask fall off..
all the skeletons of love?
and who will forgive now?
when all the pain is chained to above
and we only want to breathe free
but we swear to God by our own laws...
Is God my companion?
am I her dancing shoes, her driving gloves?
am I his trail of crumbs home?
are we all someone's someone?

Well YoHoHo! it's the Pirate's life for me...
the captain that goes down with the ship
the little foot that just steps in the shit
the sound of yer bottomless pit
and the rhythm beneath yer ribs
the doors that close on the train
the cat that just sits out in the rain
the kiss that seeds an endless pain
and the longing that made us insane
the breath that leaves the life
the breast of another man's wife
the test that is only time
and the answers that only lie
like a snake in the grass I am invisible at last...
We could kiss like Eskimos
freeze to death nose to nose to nose who knows
who knows who you know who knows who you really know like a snake in the grass I am invisible at last...
sung birds
sing more than ever
sing more than each other
when we live
in poison
I thought everyone was a sungbird
I thought everyone was a song
I know everyone is a sungbird
I know that everyone is a song
I know that everyone here is a sungbird
I know that everyone here is a song
when there ain't no where left
where we ought to be
and we know we shouldn't get too close
to nobody
let's find our refuge
at least a mirage
get lost in a cold one
or that motel book from God
I'll pull out yer eyes
if you will untie my tongue
is all we consume
is that all we done
when the tortoise crawls
and the rabbit runs
ya pull the wings off a fly
I guess ya call it a walk

cuz I wanna be
someone else tonight
when winning this fight
sucks the light from my eyes
it's another way
of just waving goodbye
I don't even try, don't even try

Hello, I know
we are in between
all the beauty
all the tragedy
we are the footprint
yeah we bend the grass
then we pour the story
then we smash the glass
of the speak easy morphine
my midnight rash
again comes dear morning
that itch I can't scratch
well I ain't ever
been all that clever
but how did the money
become everything
let's plant all our cash
back in this ground
we'll be holding hands
underground town to town
as the billionaire dinosaurs
get all their teeth replaced
going to have a perfect smile
when they die
they don't give a damn
if nobody cries

so I ask him
'man, buried or burned?'
aaah just fill up
half of my earn
put my better half
in the community garden
cuz you know we are always
giving something back...

yeah right man!
Track Name: BORN N' RAZED
were ya born
were ya raised
did you learn
how to say yer own name...
one day
ya first comb yer hair
at yer beautiful face
you stare and you stare...
was there shame
was there pride
a rusting razor-blade
scrape the paint from yer eyes.. scrape the pain from yer eyes... scrape the paint from yer eyes...
no one here
is satisfied
until we are free
from all the shimmer and shine...
it comes from the core
of mama earth
so we know with out knowing,
we sing with out words...
mmmm mmmm mmmm

we are the heart of the mountain
we are the heart of the sky
we are the snakes and the ladders
we are the jaguars midnight cry
we are the magnetic diamonds
we are a death sentence pardon
we are a snail in the garden
we are the daydreams of children
the children of the sun
are the children of the earth..
we are the children of the earth